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Mobile Home Parks
Application procedure.
An application for development of a lot or parcel of land for mobile home park purposes shall be made and approved or approved as modified before any zoning permit for such use shall be issued. The Lower Southampton Township Chapter 22: Subdivision and Land Development shall govern the processing of all applications for mobile park development and is accordingly incorporated herein in its entirety.
B. Approval.
In addition to the requirements contained in Chapter 22: Subdivision and Land Development, an application for preliminary or final approval of a mobile home park shall indicate, by drawings, diagrams, maps, text, affidavit or other legal document, the following:
1) That the parcel or lot for which application is made is held in single and separate ownership.
2) The placement, location and number of mobile home lots and mobile home pads on a layout map of the parcel at a standard engineering scale.
3) The location and dimension of all driveways, pedestrianways, curbs, sidewalks and access roads with notation as to type of impervious cover.
4) The location and dimension of all parking facilities.
5) The location, dimension and arrangement of all areas to be devoted to lawns, buffer strips, screen planting and recreation.
6) Location and dimension of all buildings existing or proposed to be built and all existing tree masses and trees of over eight-inch caliper.
7) Proposed provisions for handling of stormwater drainage, street and on-site lighting, water supply and electrical supply, in the form of written and diagrammatic analysis with calculations and conclusions prepared by a registered professional engineer.
8) Proposed provisions for treatment of sanitary sewage together with proof that the treatment and disposal of such sewage meets with and has the approval of the agency of the commonwealth having jurisdiction over such matters, consistent with the Township Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan.
9) Grading plan of entire lot based on field-run topography survey, minimum two-foot contour interval.
10) Collection of solid waste refuse, trash, etc., including location of collection points, description of refuse units, method of planting or other screening, and schedule of collection times.
Permits required.
It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, alter or extend or operate a mobile home park within Lower Southampton Township unless and until he obtains a permit issued by the Lower Southampton Township Zoning Officer in the name of the operator, which shall not be issued until a copy of the Health Department permit has been furnished, all permits for water supply and sewage systems have been obtained, and all other requirements contained herein have been complied with, and final approval of the application has been granted by the Board of Supervisors.
Fees for the initial application and preliminary and final approvals shall be prescribed by resolution by the Board of Supervisors of Lower Southampton Township.
1) Upon notification to the licensee, manager or person in charge of a mobile home park, a representative of Lower Southampton Township may inspect a mobile home park at any reasonable time to determine compliance with this chapter.
2) Upon receipt of the application for annual license and before issuing such annual license, the Zoning Officer or other designated representative of Lower Southampton Township shall make an inspection of the mobile home park to determine compliance with this chapter. The Zoning Officer or other representative shall thereafter notify the licensee of any instances of noncompliance with this part and shall not issue an annual license until the licensee has corrected all such violations.
Maintenance of facilities.
The operator and owner shall be responsible for maintaining all common facilities, including but not limited to roads, parking areas, sidewalks or pathways, common open space, water supply and sewage disposal systems, and service building, in a condition of proper repair and maintenance. If upon inspection by a Zoning Officer or other representative it is determined that the mobile home park is not in compliance with this standard of maintenance, the licensee shall be considered to be in violation of this chapter, and the Zoning Officer shall notify the operator or licensee of the particulars of any such violation.
Failure to maintain.
The operator and licensee shall thereafter have 30 days in which to correct any such violations; except that, if the violation is determined by the Zoning Officer or other representative to constitute a hazard to the health or safety of the residents of the mobile home park, he shall order that the violation be corrected forthwith.
Park management responsibilities.
1. The park management shall give the Lower Southampton Township Zoning Officer or his designate free access to all mobile home sites, service buildings and other service facilities for the purpose of inspection.
2. The mobile home park operator shall maintain a register of all occupants and shall provide the Township with the name of the owner of each mobile home in the park and notice of the arrival and departure of each mobile home.
3. The person to whom a license for a mobile home park is issued shall be the person responsible for any violations of this chapter and shall be liable for prosecution thereof.
4. The park management shall make provisions so that all park streets shall be maintained in passable condition and snow shall be removed commensurate with Township requirements.
Removal of mobile homes.
No mobile home in a mobile home park shall be removed from Lower Southampton Township without first obtaining a permit from the Township Tax Collector, as required by Act 54, 1969, of the Pennsylvania General Assembly. Such permit shall be issued upon payment of a fee to be established from time to time by resolution of the Board of Supervisors and taxes assessed against the home and all occupants thereof remaining unpaid at the time for permit is requested.
Revocation or suspension of license.
Upon repeated violations by the same permittee, his right to the issuance of a permit or to continue operation under a permit may be suspended for a fixed term or permanently revoked, after notice and hearing, subject to the right of appeal to the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas.
See § 27-1403B(5) for additional details on Mobile home parks.
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