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Landscaping (Street trees)
Plans of proposed street tree planting shall be reviewed and approved by the Lower Southampton Township Shade Tree Commission or by the Zoning Officer.
Landscape plan requirements.
A. Plans shall be drawn at an appropriate scale to accurately depict compliance with the requirements set forth in this section.
B. The landscape plan shall contain sufficient information regarding existing features, rights-of-way, utilities, grading, stormwater management facilities, easements and setback lines, driveways, parking areas, buildings, vegetation and all other information necessary to ensure compliance with this section.
C. All areas to be disturbed for utility installations, electric lines, water and sewer lines, and the like, shall be shown on the landscape plan and grading plan. The plans shall include a line marking the limit of disturbance relative to existing vegetation.
D. Plans shall include an inventory of all trees indicating size, species and location for all trees greater than three inches in caliper.
E. The landscape plan shall be signed and sealed by a landscape architect, registered in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, responsible for the preparation of the plan.
See § 27-1308: Landscaping for more details on street tree landscaping.