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Special Exception
A use listed as a use permitted by special exception is permitted, subject to approval by the Zoning Hearing Board, subject to the requirements of Part 23: Zoning Hearing Board of this chapter, and subject to such further restrictions as the Zoning Hearing Board may establish.

1. Applicability. The Zoning Hearing Board shall have the power to approve special exceptions when this chapter specifically requires the obtaining of such approval, and for no other use or purpose.
2. Conditions and standards. In granting a special exception, the Zoning Hearing Board shall make findings of fact consistent with the provisions of this chapter. The Board shall not approve a special exception except in conformance with the conditions and standards outlined in this chapter.
3. General requirements and standards applicable to all special exceptions. The Board shall grant a special exception only if it finds adequate evidence that any proposed development submitted will meet all of the following general requirements as well as any specific requirements and standards listed herein for the proposed use. The Board shall, among other things, require that any proposed use and location be:
A. In accordance with the Lower Southampton Township Comprehensive Plan and consistent with the spirit, purposes and the intent of this chapter.
B. In the best interest of the Township, the convenience of the community, the public welfare, and be a substantial improvement to the property in the immediate vicinity.
C. Suitable for the property in question and designed, constructed, operated and maintained so as to be in harmony with and appropriate in appearance to the existing or intended character of the general vicinity.
D. In conformance with all applicable requirements of this chapter.
E. Suitable in terms of effects on highway traffic and safety with adequate access arrangements to protect streets from undue congestion and hazard.
F. In accordance with sound standards of subdivision practice where applicable.
4. The Zoning Hearing Board may impose whatever conditions regarding layout, circulation and performance it deems necessary to ensure that any proposed development will secure substantially the objectives of this chapter.