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Off-street parking facilities
1. Off-site parking. Parking may be provided off site in accordance with the following requirements and only if approved as a conditional use by the Board of Supervisors:
A. The applicant shall provide an agreement in writing that the parking spaces are available and secured by lease or license, or the applicant shall provide proof of the availability of the required parking spaces which are not needed to meet the requirements of another use which can be used for parking purposes by the applicant.
B. This option may be used to meet up to 50% of the parking requirement.
C. The use for which off-site parking is provided shall be discontinued immediately upon loss of parking arrangements. Renewal of the lease or license shall be provided to the Township annually.
D. Off-site parking space arrangements are permitted only where the off-site parking is located no more than 200 feet from the property line of the use it serves and only for nonresidential uses, or in the case where safe, protected pedestrian pathways are provided, the distance may be extended to 300 feet from the property line.
2. Off-street loading.
Suitable and safe off-street loading shall be provided for every nonresidential structure which exceeds 10,000 square feet. Loading docks, truck accessways, clearances and turning radii shall be shown on all land development or zoning permit applications. If it is determined that the use will be served by trucks for loading and unloading, then loading spaces on site shall be provided in accordance with need. No on-street loading or unloading is permitted.
See § 27-2203: Zoning permits required and § 27-2204: Application requirements for zoning permits for more detailed information on Zoning permits.
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