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Modification of parking requirements
In order to prevent the establishment of a greater number of parking spaces than is actually required to serve the needs of nonresidential uses, the Zoning Officer may permit a reduction of parking space if the following conditions are satisfied:
A. The design of the parking lot, as indicated on the land development plan, must designate sufficient space to meet the parking requirements of this chapter. The plan shall also illustrate the layout for the total number of parking spaces and the stormwater management control measures required for the total number of parking spaces.
B. The reduction shall provide for the establishment of not less than 70% of the required number of parking spaces as specified in this chapter.
C. The balance of the parking area reserved shall not include areas for required buffer yards, setbacks, or areas which would otherwise be unsuitable for parking spaces due to the physical characteristics of the land or other requirements of this chapter. The developer shall provide a landscaping plan for the reserved area with the land development plan.
D. The developer shall enter into a written agreement with the Board of Supervisors guaranteeing that the additional parking spaces shall be provided at the developer's or owner's expense should it be determined that the required number of parking spaces are necessary to satisfy the need of the particular land development. This decision shall be made at the sole discretion of the Board of Supervisors.
E. At the time of the above-stated agreement, the developer or owner shall post securities to cover the cost of installing the required parking. The Board of Supervisors shall determine if the additional spaces shall be provided by the developer or if the area shall remain as open space.