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Nonresidential Wind Energy System
1. Nuisance standards. All wind systems shall be designed to avoid any adverse impacts on surrounding properties. No lights shall be permitted on the wind system. All applications shall contain information on the proposed color, orientation, design of the system, and any electrical interference effects.
2. The Township Zoning Officer may require an annual inspection report, prepared by an independent, licensed professional engineer, to be provided by the owner not less than 30 days from the date of a written notice to the owner requiring such inspection. The report shall certify the structural soundness and proper operation of the windmill.
3. A building permit shall be obtained for any wind energy system, and all systems shall be designed to conform to applicable industry standards, as well as the Uniform Construction Code. All wiring shall conform to the requirements of the National Electric Code (NEC). In addition, each installation shall be made in accordance with any local grid connection and metering requirements of the utility provider.
See for information on permits and forms.